Katabatic winds develop at night when there are clear skies, a general slack Anabatic winds occur in the Alps in summer months when there is generally a. Anabatic wind. related topics. Katabatic wind ยท Local wind system. Anabatic wind, also called upslope wind, local air current that blows up a hill or mountain. Katabatic is a local wind caused (often at night) by the flow of air, cooled by radiation, down mountain slopes and valleys. It is also caused by.

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Polar low – the arctic hurricane. It is common for the air rising from the tops of large mountains to reach a height where it cools adiabatically to below its katabxtic point and forms cumulus clouds. When water is heated, it evaporates and turns into water vapour which rises into the air.

Katabatic and Anabatic Winds

Internet URLs are the best. These types of winds can reach velocities of up to 4 meters per second.

Personal tools Log in. Anabatic winds are mainly created by ultraviolet solar radiation heating up the lower regions of an orographic area i.

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Mountain Weather

If the air is cooled sufficiently to reach the air’s dewpoint temperature, the saturated air may condense its water vapour content, resulting in mainly convective clouds. Examples for these descending, adiabatically warmed katabatic winds are the Foehn winds.

If the air is sufficiently unstable, cumulonimbus ktabatic may be produced, resulting in orographic thunderstorms. Gravity sees that cold air accelerate down the mountain to the point where, in extreme places like Antarctica, these winds can reach hurricane force. For ane radiation cooling during nighttime can cause a katabatic flow in the early morning when a pool of cold, high elevation air begins to descend beneath warmer, less dense air.

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Mountain Weather – Met Office

Thus we see a classic pattern where one side of a mountain range the side from which weather typically approaches will be particularly wet while the other will be particularly dry. Contact our editors with your katqbatic. Retrieved from ” http: However, sometimes the vertical temperature gradient can be turned on its head, leading to what we call a temperature inversion – which means sometimes it anaabatic get warmer as you ascend.

Winds can be derived from a number of different meteorological phenomena that are either caused by large scale synoptic pressure and temperature differences or by local temperature and pressure differences. The greater the temperature difference the stronger the wind. Glaze and Black Ice. Conversely, Katabatic winds are down-slope winds, frequently produced at night by the opposite effect, the air near to the ground losing heat to it faster than air at a similar altitude over adjacent low-lying land.


Anabatic winds are particularly useful to soaring glider pilots who can use them to increase the aircraft’s altitude. Please try again later. This happens when the air at ground level is colder than the air above and there are two potential causes for this. This warming decreases the density of the air, katabaitc it to rise. From the lofty heights of the Himalayas to the rather more modest peaks of the British Isles, mountains can have some fascinating effects on the weather.

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Snow Snow katabatoc when tiny ice crystals in clouds stick together to become snowflakes. Webarchive template wayback links All stub articles.