CA APM Introscope (formerly known as CA Wily Introscope) is a Web application management product that allows you to proactively detect. Wily | CA. Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Managing Critical Applications Introscope & Application Performance Management. CA and SAP have an agreement allowing you to use Introscope with those services and products are available from CA’s Wily Technology Division. You can .

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Management Module Editor presents a tree view of Management Modules and elements. Each Workstation user is assigned a user name, password, and certain permissions. To download PDF-format documentation: Inactive metrics appear grayed out in the tree.

Specify a truststore introscole configure the Workstation to authenticate the server EM. You can determine what views iintroscope supported for a given item type by selecting an item in the tree, and observing the view tabs that are available. These metrics appear in a bar chart in the Inntroscope Preview pane. The top-level Help window appears. User preferences You use Introscope user preferences to specify: Chapter 4 How to test and debug an ASP.

Data appears in a Data Viewer based on the type of data for example, metrics appear as graphs, and alerts formerly called traffic lights appear as indicators.

Investigator Tree The left side of the Investigator is a tree structure that organizes metric data reported by the agents that report to the Tutorail Manager you are logged into. Additionally, there might be also custom metrics defined by users. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.


CA Wily Introscope Jobs, Employment |

If the lensed agent is a Virtual Agent, the view shows data for that agent, if it supports that type of selection. Lock your selected resolution by clicking the Lock icon. The Workstation presents information in these windows: XAP reports tens of different predefined metrics per machine that belongs to a grid, deployed processing units sily Space you can find more information here.

You can type all or part of the dashboard name, to narrow the selections in the list. After installing va device, locate More information. Select a different Channel Type in step 2 to create a different type of channel. WebSphere Business Monitor V6.

To avoid this problem, use the Auto Scale option to automatically set the graph to change its scale according to the data it displays. This information also appears in the What s Interesting View tab, as shown.

So, in our example, starting on Thursday at noon we begin comparing current values against 30 minute periods from the same time in previous weeks.

Copying a Data Viewer to the clipboard You can copy a snapshot of the data in a Data Viewer to the clipboard as a bitmapped image. In this case you should download JVM 1.


CA Wily Introscope Webview pimA

To view the scale of a graph chart: It shows highlevel health indicators, and a log of related events and historical metric information.

In that case metrics are reported by sending GET requests with metric data metric name, type, value in query to the server. Your Introscope administrator assigns these to you. All metrics appear in this graph because all metric checkboxes are selected. Connecting to alternate Enterprise Managers You can start multiple Workstation application instances on different Enterprise Manager hosts from a single browser, using the parameters specified in Launching the Workstation using specific parameters on page Moreover, this feature is deprecated and may be removed from Introscope.

CA APM Introscope Reporter

Over time, an increasing amount of historical data improves the quality of the baseline data and the analytics. It interfaces with the Linux system to access More information.

For more information, see Using the Workstation Investigator on page Moreover, it has two mandatory properties:.

This edition applies to V8. Mouse over any element in the Workstation metrics tree or in a Data Viewer, such as a point on a graph.

Onsight Management Suite Version 5. It is designed for easy deployment.