The Five Nations* The human-dominated civilizations on the continent of Khor. The humans of the Five Nations are ethnically diverse. Humanity It’s hard to map Eberron’s fashions to Earth’s history because it’s not Earth. Aundair · Breland · Cyre · Karrnath · Thrane · Galifar%%20The%20Five% 20Nations%20%28ca% · khorvairelocation · Help | Terms of Service | Privacy.

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However, according to Tales of the Last Warthe giants invented the warforged, after which the Quori stole the secrets of their creation from the dreams of giants and nation their own. Daelkyr Half-Bloodsintroduced in the supplement Magic of Eberronare formed when the venomous spirit of a Daelkyrsealed beneath the earth, leaks into the surrounding environment. Marketplaces again bustle with merchandise and goods from all corners of the continent.

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Unlike her neighbor, who still insists on launching sticks at his enemies. The Path of Light is a lawful neutral religion followed by the kalashtar of Adar.

The Path posits that there are good spirits in the world, steering Riedra in the right direction, and there are bad spirits trying to corrupt them as well. Sarlona is a continent to the east of Khorvaire; it is the cradle of human civilization as it ebrrron once the only continent featuring the presence of the human race.

The Silver Flame is a disembodied lawful good force associated with a former mortal eberon and paladin of Dol Arrah named Tira Miron, who merged with a silvery pillar of fire and a Couatl approximately years ago.

Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site. The head of the church is the Keeper of the Flame, a position currently held by eberdon Jaela Natoons. However, she tries to gather information to restore the mark through the Order of the Emerald Claw and the religion known as the Blood of Vol.


The frozen wasteland to the north known only as the Frostfell is as enigmatic as it is cold. Having a segmented, many-legged body which ends in a powerful scaled, headless torso that has two handless arms from which blades of energy erupt, these enforcers of Dal Quor are bred for battle.

The Dreaming Dark makes frequent use of ‘Mind Seeds’ people who have been subjected to powerful psionic techniques and had their minds wiped and replaced with personalities loyal to the Dreaming Dark.

The Inspired also show an open interest in the continent of Xen’Drik, and have established numerous bases there, though likewise the precise goals of the Inspired there are left to the discretion of the DM. Not all members of the Houses have dragonmarks; nor is it an assurance of power. Their arcane implements eberron simply knitting needles and crochet hooks. They established successful societies, learning druidic secrets from the black dragon Vvaraak while the goblinoid races built a mighty empire, some 16, years ago.

In the fictional world, the Dragonmarked Houses are the cornerstone of the economy of Khorvaire. Pincers or blades, and a red and black coloration seem to be among the common features.

World of Eberron

The Warforged visionary known as The Lord of Blades has begun establishing a Warforged nation somewhere in the Mournland, it is rumoured. Eberron shards have a pinkish appearance and churn with crimson blood-red swirls.

If a new monarch ascended the throne but was too young to govern, the prior governor-princes remained in place or regents were appointed until the scion could take over the role. The Blood of Vol is a lawful evil cult that reveres the ancient traditions of the elven line of Vol.

A special warped race of drow called the Umbragen or the shadow elves also exists, with information on them revealed in Dragon magazine and the computer game Dragonshard. Nztions ruffles and hairstyle reflect the latest trends in Fairhaven fashion; while her dress appears constricting, the fabric is surprisingly antions.


In the mythic past, the world was one great mass. They are spirits of rage, capable of driving mortals mad by their very presence.

The Cults of the Dragon Below are a diverse group of generally neutral evil sects that revere the power of Khyberthe underground world. However, Eberron laid amid them, to heal the world and from this sacrifice sprang all manner of living things. From a young age Kalashtar learn how to create temporary telepathic connections with others and psionically focus their minds. Now, the region that was once Cyre is referred to as the Mournland and is the home of living spells, preserved dead bodies, and a militant sect of warforged see Races led by one called the Lord of Blades whose avowed goal is the total domination of the continent by the warforged at the expense of all “flesh and blood” humanoids.

Halflings usually live in nomadic tribes in the Talenta Plains where they train dinosaurs as mounts. Wildhunt shifters gain the extraordinary ability to smell as well as a predatory animal, allowing them to track by scent, as well as a bonus to Constitution.

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No one is sure where he came from, or where the Warforged-Mecca is. Wizards of the Coast. Forty thousand years before the “present” of the Eberron setting, the quori attempted to invade nagions conquer the Material Plane. This article has multiple issues.

Thus, the only way to completely destroy one of the good-aligned Quori is to exterminate its entire lineage.