A discussion of hidden lore, inner lore, rune worlds, runic numerology, runic Edred Thorsson Thorsson goes over many different areas in this book. Thorsson, Edred. Runelore: a handbook of esoteric runology. Bibliography: p. I. Rune-Miscellanea. 2. Magic 3. Inscriptions, Runic. 4. O ld Norse poetry. I. Tide. Runelore is divided into two parts. In Part One of Runelore, Historical Lore, Thorsson uses archaeological evidence to explain where the runes come from, what.

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Looks like I will be digging into this all night and for quite some time to come. Covers elder and Viking runes, and leads us to the contemporary runic revival. I hope you find a satisfactory answer to your search. So well researched and filled with runic information.

Aug 28, Julie rated it really liked it. To me it just smacks of New Age nonsense with all its bells and dered concerning consciousness and transformation.

Want to Read saving…. Apr 07, Volmarr Wyrd rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: New with this book is far thorssin information on the Elder runes, runic codes and poems, cosmology and more. The goal was to provide a way of talking about the Runes that people could more easily debate and discuss. It is overly focused on form, perhaps overly trying to avoid what I see as shortcomings in works of other authors in the area. This book does have some of that in part one.


Covers elder and Viking runes, and leads us to the contemporary runic revival Flowers writes occult ritual structure into his prayers, it really boils thorssonn to that.

Runelore : a handbook of esoteric runology / Edred Thorsson – Details – Trove

If so, Pollington’s primer on the runes is pretty good, and others have recommended the first half of Diana Paxon’s Taking up the Runes. First, the criticism regarding his Left-Hand-Path views I think are not entirely on the mark. I use all the info I can get my hands on and let the Gods and goddesses lead my study.

Thanks so much for such an I depth response. I cannot argue that some will share this experience, and that Thorsson, in providing a scientifically informed context for that experience, may help steer them away from blind faiths or racist interpretations.

Raidho is the symbol of the cosmic law of right ordering in the multiverse, in mankind, and in the soul. This makes it difficult for a student to decide whether or not to accept his interpretation of the staves. Several seem to like R. JohnsonRobert J.

Runelore: The Magic, History, and Hidden Codes of the Runes

Everything from the different ages of runes including For the intense student of the runes, then this is an essential part of their development and understanding of the historic basis for the uses of the runes. Search First, and show it. But in part two, the author enters the realm of abstruse esoterica; metaphysical stuff mostly thought up in the 20th centuryon how the runes have a toehold in Jungian psychology, numerology and the mythological Norse universe.


My second runee last book I will ever read on esoteric runology. I get the feeling Flower’s started out very respectable and strived for historical accuracy as much as possible but then got a bit crazy.

Neil Price is my favorite but it’s intensely academic and unconcerned with reconstruction. Don’t want to speak for others but Flowers’ works mostly read like hedge magic magyycke? If your post is covering the same topic as another post in the last 3 months, we will delete it.

If you’re looking for a seriously in-depth analysis on runes then this book is for edded. Some of us do follow multiple traditions and some of us can keep the teachings separate. Could you give specific instances or explain how you see this oore