Paauglių emocinis intelektas: psichosocialinių sunkumų, stresinių gyvenimo įvykių bei demografinių charakteristikų analizė. Thumbnail. Emocinis Intelektas Istorijoje sutinkama daugybė žmonių, kurie tapo lyderiais dėl absoliutaus pasitikėjimo savimi, drąsos bei ištvermės. Emocinis intelektas. Kas tai? • Žmogaus gebėjimas emocijas parodyti, jas valdyti , kovoti su jomis. • Pati sąvoka pradėta vartoti dar XX a. pabaigoje. IQ / EQ.

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The findings indicate that EI levels were negatively related to internal and external behavioral problems. Ashley The book I have has, “with a new introduction by intelekta author,” on the front cover and, “With new information reflecting the latest research, this tenth …more The book I have has, “with a new introduction by the author,” on the front cover and, “With new information reflecting the latest research, this tenth anniversary edition updates Goleman’s thinking and answers key questions posed to him during his worldwide speaking appearances.


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Stressful life events are positively related to stress management scores and negatively related to interpersonal, adaptability and general mood results. Questions About Emocinis intelektas. To ask other readers questions about Emocinis intelektas.

I want to read Intelwktas Translation of this book, if somebody have softcopy, please send me link? Anyone know what, if any, differences exist between the original and the 10th Anniversary Editions?

Do you think Goleman could document a summary of his researches in one Paper citing specific studies for whatever his purpose of that specific study?

Emocinis Intelektas by Evaldas Karosas on Prezi

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Participants in this study were students aged There was a positively significant relationship between the emotional intelligence of adolescents and their school achievements, social functioning activity.

A new section also guides readers to the best resources in the fast-growing field of EI studies,” on the back cover.


Abstract The purpose of the present study was to examine the relationships between emotional intelligence EI scores and social competence, emotional – behavioral problems and stressful life events of adolescents.

Relationships were observed between EI and demographic characteristics: Metadata Show full item record.

Emocinis intelektas. Kodėl jis gali būti — Reader Q&A

Ask and answer questions about books! EI scores were compared to demographic characteristics of the individuals sex, household income, parents’ level of education, and location of residence and school achievements of adolescents. See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Emotional intelligence has been considered important in social adjustment of adolescents.