le chemin de la véritable initiation magique by Bardon, Franz and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at 15 sept. Je pratique l’initiation de Franz Bardon depuis maintenant 8 années et le chemin de la véritable initiation magique ” la pratique de la magie. Franz Bardon (December 1, – July 10, ), was a Czech stage magician and These volumes are Initiation Into Hermetics, The Practice of Magical Evocation and . Franz Bardon le chemin de la véritable initiation magique Conseils.

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Popular Tags Blog Archives. Bardon himself says that it is Bardon’s training system is comprehensive. Apart from this, Hitler and some of his intimate friends were supposed to be members of the “Thule Order,” which was the external instrument of a group of powerful Tibetan black magicians. The Magickal Universe Bardon postulates an energetic model of the universe fdanz from Far Eastern theories, including Taoism and Hindu cosmology.

Bardon’s Life and Work Bardon did not appear to be trying to create a legend about himself.

Franz Bardon / Magic

Although long on sensationalism, King’s works are usually reliable and relatively well-documented. I can’t resist comparing this to a much more famous magician of this century who wrote voluminously about his own life and adventures, and had no qualms about glorifying himself in so doing According to his student and close friend Otti Votavova, Franz Bardon was the oldest of 13 children, and the only son of a very devout Christian mystic, Viktor Bardon.


French language edition, printed in Germany. I feel that Bardon does deliver what he promises: Veneficus added it Dec 08, Bardon also insists on the point that the student begin at the beginning and not skip any section of his training. Again, the analogy to other endeavors is clear.

Who Was Franz Bardon?

The Astral exercises focus on systematically cataloging the positive and negative aspects of the self and, later, transforming and purifying the negative aspects into positive. He also instructs the student to re-dissolve the akasha into the universe rather than keep it accumulated. Without bardoh, it is hard to repeat successes and avoid repeating mistakes.

The newsletter was, I am sure, a sincere effort and often had interesting and useful ideas. Refresh and try again.

Le chemin de la véritable initiation magique

In the next step, the student strengthens his ability to concentrate and performs breathing exercises and the techniques of autosuggestion. Bardon stoutly maintained that he was not a member of, nor under any obligations to a magickal lodge or order. Return to Book Page. Bardon represented almost everything that Crowley was not. Although when the spirit moved him, Crowley could be intensely disciplined, kind and helpful to his students and magnanimous, he also enjoyed a life filled with sex, drugs, alcohol and bon vivant – all of which are integral parts of his magickal philosophy.

I recommended his book “Initiation Into Hermetics” to a person who had studied occultism for some years. A few drops more or less do not matter at all. A learned man will be able to say a lot about magic, Quaballah, etc. Here is a summary of injtiation main points:.

Othmen rated it it was amazing Feb 25, He uses his Qabala somewhat differently than other occultists: The dates given after the titles are the years of first English publication. It also includes photographs of several documents bearing his signature. For this reason the doctors of the official medicine became very jealous, because they could not reach such success iitiation their chemical and nuclear treatments.


Of course, before the student could become master of the Elements, he had to harmonize and control the manifestations of all Elements in his own being. Impregnation, fluid, condenser, sphere – all have special meanings. The student must completely master each step before proceeding on to the next.

Bardon distinguishes carefully between two kinds of breathing: This second type of breathing takes practice.

Who was Franz Bardon ?

His attributions of the elements are essentially the same as those in other systems and books.: Bardon also seems to have been familiar with Tibetan occultism, or at any rate the works of Alexandria David-Neel, whom he cites now and then, and from whom he does a fair amount of borrowing.

Hebrew, Cyrillic and Arabic all have different alphabets, and some Chinese have no alphabet at all. The first two works, addressing the first two tarots, are pre-requisite to understanding and making use of the third work.

He is best known for his three volumes on Hermetic magic: