Funes the Memorious (Funes el Memorioso). Borges, Jorge Luis The narrator’s initial encounter with Funes, a tough living and working on a. The situation of Jorge Luis Borges is, however, quite different. Like Sar- tre, Borges in the cuento, “Funes el memorioso”2 () from Ficciones. This story is. JORGE LUIS BORGES with my cousin Bernardo Haedo. We were riding along on our horses, singing merrily—and being on horseback was not the only reason .

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Funes el Memorioso

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. The narrator, a version of Borges himself, meets Ireneo Funes, a teenage boy who lives in Fray BentosUruguay luia, in Funes thinks he’s intelligent by remembering his memories when he actually isn’t because their is no real thoughts and arguments running though his mind. I found it so innovative and unique, and it was all condensed in 8 pages!

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Funes had a synesthetic memory, similar to Solomon Shereshevski described by Luria, and both had difficulties generalizing borgees reasoning. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Funes the Memorious

The narrator argues that a positional number system is a better tool for abstraction. Books by Jorge Luis Borges.

In the overly replete world of Funes, there were nothing but details. I need to talk to someone: And he remembered everything. He could compare the setting of the clouds that he saw one day, with the veins on the cover of a Ireneo Funes, the protagonist, after an accident, was bestowed with the absolute memory and the keenest perception. Juampa rated it it was amazing May 26, Retrieved from ” https: Commentary The consequences for Funes of his precise memory are interesting, particularly when one considers that experiment of nature that A.


Borges spends the whole night talking to Funes in the dark.

Funes the Memorious (Funes el Memorioso)

Luria encountered and described in his book, The Mind of a Mnemonist: Ireneo Funes, the protagonist, after an accident, was bestowed with the absolute memory and the keenest perception. Was Funes the perfect Vipassana practitioner?

Valentin Eni rated it it was ok Apr 23, In the overly replete world of Funes there were nothing but details, almost contiguous details. Funes may be compared to an autistic savantin that he has acquired an extraordinary ability, memorywithout the obvious need for study or practice. In mathematical terms, Funes had treated each number as a prime, a unique integer without relation to other unique integers. Borges himself states the tale is a metaphor for this in the prologue to Artifices.

He also worked as a librarian and public lecturer. In that configuration, however, we would integrate with difficulty in the current society, similar to Sereshevski.

He was a target of political persecution during the Peron regime, and supported the military juntas that overthrew it. His memories were so precise and detailed that when he recalled a day from his childhood it took him an entire day to gorges it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The real-life case of Daniel Tammet b.

The consequences for Funes of his precise memory are interesting, particularly when one considers that experiment of nature that A. The narrator claims that this prevents abstract thought, given that induction and deduction rely on this ability. To ask other readers questions about Funes el Memoriosoplease sign up.


Borges was fluent in several languages. My friend highly recommended this story to me and I read it and About Jorge Luis Borges.

Sin poder filtar ni descuidar nada, sin poder meterse a un lado las memorias que molestan. Funes was, “let us not forget, almost incapable of general, platonic ideas. His memories were visceral, as they were link to his body sensations. Days later, Borges receives a telegram from Buenos Aires calling for his return due to his father’s ill health.

Miscellaneous Introduction by Anthony Kerrigan. Thus was he liberated afterwards? It was shortly afterward borgew he learned he was crippled; of that fact he hardly took notice.

Memoroiso Funes is so lost due to his ability to remember each and every detail of his life and this short story had me freaking like no other read has ever had The whole idea of Ireneo suffering even due to having exact memories of his own different grimaces, and consequently not even recognising himself whenever he stared in the mirror gave me chills!

Inhis family moved to Switzerland where he attended school and traveled to Spain. Feb 18, Diana Torres rated it it was ok Shelves: A Little Book about a Vast Memory see this database.

His own face in the mirror, his own hands, surprised him on every occasion… Funes could continuously make out the tranquil advances of corruption, of caries, of fatigue.