Drawing computer based panels for depicting a model railroad layout, (PanelPro ®). What DCC systems will Decoder Pro work with? 3. with operating instructions. This article will focus on the basic elements of PanelPro® and how I used it to build my dispatcher panel for my railroad, The Nickel. #Start. ✓ Note: The setup options for . For experienced users of Panel Editor JMRI versions prior to

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The EXE versions available for some of the older files may run with better resolution for Windows only. For example, the “stop” aspect will be a single red lamp on a signal mast with one head, red over red lamps for a signal mast with two heads, etc.

Always make a backup of any panel files in case you need to return to an older version pto any reason. For more information, please see the Switchboard Editor help page. Much of the basic information has not changed, but key new features dictated that we start over from scratch. The default icon is a small circle, with color used to represent the state of the sensor.

mmanual This can be made absolutely prototypical, or can be simplified for easier and faster operation, as you prefer. The editor’s drawing capability is rudimentary and likely to stay that way for a long time. The example above is from Nick Kulp’s Cornwall Railroad.


To get your free copy of the Macromedia Flash player follow the above link. Part 3 covers signaling for both the layout and CTC panels.

If you’d like to see animated clinics that show how each of these things are actually done on the computer screen, please see Dick Bronson’s clinics page.

Updated from JMRI 2. There’s also a pop-up menu ctrl-click on a Mac that will provide various ways to manipulate the icon. Panel Pro Sensors 2. Gradually build on you foundation concepts of the program and pick pane elements of interest by pri some of the links at the bottom of the left sidebar on the JMRI web Help. A panel is one or more background pictures, on which are drawn icons to represent Turnouts, Sensors and Signals on the layout.

Kansas City 2018 Signaling with LCC (Layout Command Control)

Manipulating Icons To move an icon around on the panel, you “meta-drag” it. Text labels can have their font, size and color changed. You may also control the presentation with the button and time bar at the bottom of the screen. What does OperationsPro do? In order to function, there are constraints on the appearance of track elements and how they are jmei. The software can automatically pansl out how to set your signals based on the position of turnouts and manula blocks are occupied, and the rules appropriate to your railroad ie.


I created this new series of clinics using OpenOffice. JMRI latest versions 2. Due to the many new features available in the latest version of JMRI the clinics for have been completely redone from the beginning.

JMRI: PanelPro, an application for making Control Panels

Clicking on a sensor causes the sensor to alternate between “active” and “inactive” states. Show a Train’s name and description in most messages. These two panels operate together. It contains modular applications for: When you click on it, the turnout on the layout would be commanded to change, and majual track diagram would show which way a train would be routed.

Dragging the slider along the time bar allows you to easily skip ahead or back any amount. Applications with Online Manual: To change it, use the tree in the bottom of the window to select a new one, jjri click on the icon at the top of the icon editor panel to load the selected icon. These clinics are linked from one to another. These panel files expect that you are running JMRI 2.