How to Abduct a Highland Lord has ratings and reviews. ᴥ Irena ᴥ said: There’s nothing here you haven’t seen before if you’ve read any his. by Karen Hawkins First published Sort by. title, original date published, date . Un matrimonio perfetto (Paperback). Published February 1st by. Now, Un matrimonio perfetto (Italian Edition) by Karen created and install and also check out the book of Un matrimonio perfetto.

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Karen Hawkins (author)

Because you see, Macleans and Kincaids have never liked each other. The romance is a little more smut and possible pregnancy that actually liking each other, there was a strange subplot about Jack learning all the names of his servants to prove he cared for the sound of it, he sounded like he was good, if distant, employer which I found really out of place and make me want to skip it for the second-hand embarrassment I was feeling at the awkward conversations, and I wasn’t a big fan of Jack’s character development.

Plus, she constantly feared losing another brother. That’s quite an unusual way for a romance novel!

Surely she can share his bed without losing her heart She studied writing by joining the Romance Writers of Prrfetto and attending their workshops and conferences.

This was a lighthearted, feel good read. How to Abduct a Highland Lord was a decent read. Feb 20, BJ Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: She made Kinkaid see things her way, not demand it like other women would. It’s still entertaining, though.

Karen Hawkins on Apple Books

You’ll love the sharp retorts they exchange. It perfstto fine for some light reading uh kill some time by and really that’s all I expected from it anyways. It was a nice story, towards the end we even got a bit of mystery and action.


Not anything I’d rave about but it did manage to keep my attention until the end. Fiona MacLean’s family has been cursed as long as she can remember. I probably won’t read the next one but this book was a nice change and a reminder that my love for historical romances still exists: Good story overall and I plan to read the whole series.

An ex-lover ,aren Jack’s who wants him back in her bed and a member of the Campbell family who wants revenge, gets in the act to make trouble. MacLean Curse 6 books.

The way to get rid of the curse is that they have to do something good, a good choice with good will. Once there, Fiona’s beauty, passion, and kindness begin to warm Jack’s cold heart.

The descriptions were not steamy but I don’t really care. I thought the idea of a bride taking control of her hawkinns was great. Her hobbies include sculpting, oil painting, playing badminton, and — ok, ok, she doesn’t have any hobbies, but if she did, she’s sure they’d be something refined and fascinating. It’s funny, witty and So he thinks, ‘to hell with it, it’s just a dream, and hey, if I dream long enough I might matrimknio get to bed her!

I bought the 4th and 5th books first in the MacLean series but I don’t like reading series in a different sequence so I really had to wait for this book.

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Suspend your disbelief, because view spoiler [why else would you root for someone who kidnapped another person to natrimonio. I read this book years ago and after reading another book in the series decided to read it again. Didn’t enjoy it at all. This was a cute but somewhat mediocre romance. Jack is very surprised when he wakes up the next morning married to Fiona.

There is no character transformation, yes it is stated that just with a snap of fingers Jack the gambling and unfaithful playboy wants to forsake London and his previous hawkinw and “bury himself” in the Scottish countryside and become an exemplary husband and family man. I loved Fiona from the first, she was strong willed and passionate. I didn’t shed a tear or get to engrossed,it kept my heart light. This book was mostly just a bunch of fluff.


I did laugh a time or two.

Editions of How to Abduct a Highland Lord by Karen Hawkins

Just a moment while we sign you yawkins to your Goodreads account. This book lacks humour, wit, romance, character and storyline depth, so everything that makes a story a good one. They both clearly cared for each other but were too proud to confess or bend to the other’s will. Before she was published, she won RWA chapter and national contests for her work, allowing her to gain feedback and critiques from actual editors.

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Karen Hawkins is known for her wonderfully humorous hawkiins emotion-tugging historical and contemporary romances.

matri,onio He’ll steal her heart And because Jack was confused and Fiona stubborn, the relationship was adorable to read about. Yeah, she’s a karsn one.

When attempts are made on Fiona’s life Jack and Fiona return to Scotland, where the mystery of Callum’s death and attempts on Fiona’s life are unveiled. I absolutely loved the adjustment after their marriage, their quarrel, their fight to gain control.

Although I really enjoyed the book there were a couple events that happened that I thought was a little out there. It was also a really quick read, so quick I read it in just a few hours. It’s hardly the type of wedding Fiona MacLean dreamed of.