LA MALINCHE, LAURA ESQUIVEL, AND TRANSLATION. By Harry Aveling. The woman variously known as Malinalli Tenepal. (a reconstruction of her Náhuatl. Read Malinche by Laura Esquivel by Laura Esquivel by Laura Esquivel for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Malinche, by Laura Esquivel, is a deceptively simple book. In Esquivel’s interpretation, Malinalli (La Malinche) suffers abandonment and.

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View all posts by Annie. Passion and explicit sexual description heat up a couple of the scenes, reminiscent of Esquivel’s earlier works.

This is a tricky one to review. The -tzin suffix was the Nahuatl equivalent of “sir” or “lady” bestowed on them by the Tlaxcalans. No doubt the author stepped into the shoes of the protagonist, Malinalli, and used her imagination to create the indigenous world Malinche knew from infancy, then wrestled with the changes Cortez and the Spanish conquistadors invoked on her people and the native tribes she was forced to address as the interpreter.

Family Process, 41 4 Give me a break. It reminds me of the oral story traditions of my grandparents. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Once again be the newcomer, an outsider, the one who did not belong. The prose is overwrought, the characters are underdeveloped and inconsistent, the structure is confusing.

University of New Mexico Press. In this lyrical, poetic novel, Esquivel gives us a strong woman with deeply held beliefs who wanted to free her people.

For centuries, she has been reviled as a traitor for her role in helping the Spaniards conquer the Aztec empire, but more recent research has pointed to a more complex r Book on Nalinche performed by Maria Conchita Alonso Malinalli was a Native woman from Tabasco, who was given as a slave to the conquering Spaniards. May 01, Jennifer rated it did not like it.


Malinche | Book by Laura Esquivel | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

In a recent book [4]ethnohistorian Matthew Restall views Malinche as representative of one of the darkest aspects of the Conquest in which Spaniards routinely trafficked in young women by acquiring slaves and capturing and selling young women into slavery, including fsquivel slavery. The many uncertainties which surround Malinche’s role in the Spanish conquest begin with her name and its several variants.

It isn’t clear how Malintzin was treated or how she felt about her captors at the time. Some revere her, some pity her, and some consider her a traitor to her people. Esquivel infuses the story with magical realism, mysticism, and spirituality. Dec 02, Book Concierge rated it really liked it Shelves: Listened to the audiobook. For the conquistadoreshaving a reliable interpreter was important enough, but there is evidence that Marina’s role and influence were larger still.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I suppose parts of this book would appear profound, but to me it was all surface glitter.

Malinche, by Laura Esquivel – A Bookish Type

Simon and Schuster,page He was enraptured by her and eventually became his lover, translator and important diplomat between her people and the greedy Spaniard conquistador. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Notify me of new posts via email. None of the characters and situations are believable.

While others, however, continue to find the legends more memorable than the history, seeing her as a traitor, as may be assumed from a legend that she had a twin sister who went North and the pejorative nickname La Chingada associated with her twin. Malinalli was brought up by her paternal grandmother after her father was offered as a human sacrifice to the Aztec g-ds. Fuentes, Patricia de, editor and translator.


I wanted to like it, but what is there to like? Esquivel has a tremendous ability to unearth detail and a character’s inner voice. Dec 18, Ernesto rated it did not like it.


This novel felt like a healing of history, especially hightened for Mexicans, I’m sure. The main character’s relationship with nature, elements and her gods was very beautiful. After learning Spanish, Malinalli strives to interpret not just the words but the meaning, the intent, behind the words. I had always understood Malinche from common myth to be seen as a traitor — someone who was mmalinche with the enemy and selling off her people’s secrets. I doubt most gringos will lsura to the story due to the heavy emphasis placed on inner monologues that rely on a good dose of malinxhe philosophy, a pantheistic world view and repetitive references to indigenous history.

The tale of Malinalli, Cortes, and Jaramillo brought to light a chapter of Mexican folk lore from a native perspective that often isn’t studied in history classes.

I have a copy signed by the author.

They respected and trusted her and portrayed her in this light generations after the Spanish conquest. She is an excellent character for exploring all of these dualities. This is one of the many major disconnects in the story. Mapinche Golden Chalice Of Hunahpu. When Malinalli meets Cortez she, like many, suspects that he is the returning Quetzalcoatl, and assumes her task is to welcome him and help him destroy the Aztec empire and free her people.

This was terrible and the worst part is that it is based on historical events that are absolutely captivating.