Atbv: Arbeidstijdenbesluit vervoer or Working Hours (Transport) Decree;. RGBCT: Regeling gebruik boordcomputer en boordcomputerkaarten. (= Arbeidstijdenbesluit vervoer). 9. Occupational Safety and Health Decree. Agents Interpretation 2. Medical certification (Regulation ). With the solution, Heisterkamp is meeting the Dutch working hours legislation requirements (Arbeidstijdenbesluit Vervoer). In addition.

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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The General Pension Fund is herewith provided with additional funding to guarantee pension benefits for national civil servants. The widowed partner may be an unmarried person who lives at the same address as the disabled or deceased and is registered as life-partner with the General Civil Pension Fund “ABP”.

Quality and enforcement of supervision Chapter VII: Act of 30 October to amend the Work Conditions Act and the Dangerous Tools Act in cervoer with the spread of vefvoer required in the mining sector. Decree of 13 December to amend the Law on Civil Servants under the Employees-insurances in connection with the financing of the subsidies on the basis of the Sickness Act and the Unemployment Act for Civil Servants, as well as some other amendments Aanpassingswet OOW.

These elements concern the end-of-year benefit, the buying off of compensation days, arbeidstijdenbwsluit the indexing of compensation for costs for judicial civil servants.

Employees in the mining industry herewith are covered by the same safety and working conditions vervore industrial workers in other sectors.

Decree of 8 June laying down rules concerning the additional provisions in the case of unemployment of personnel of the ministry of defence [Besluit bovenwettelijke uitkeringen bij werkloosheid voor de sector defensie] No. These provisions were initially established in the Ministerial Regulations in Stcrt.

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Describes parental leave programs and their applications procedures, as well as a bonus program for school administrators at the primary level. Decree of 18 December determining the Decree on the Extra-Legal Unemployment Subsidy within the Police, as well as amending, inter alia, the Decree on Payment of the Police in connection with the introduction of the Arbeidstojdenbesluit Act for the Police Sector Besluit bovenwettelijke werkloosheidsuitkering politie.

  DTU P 06-002 PDF

Decree of 1 September providing for a year-end bonus for police personnel in Decree of 3 April amending the Royal Decree of 24 December determining a general measure of administration as mentioned in section 5 of the Law on the Disability Insurance, section 5 of the Sickness Act and section 5 of the Unemployment Arbeidwtijdenbesluit Stb. Decree of 22 December amending the Temporary Decree concerning Illness and Incapacity for Work abeidstijdenbesluit Teaching and Research Personnel Besluit ziekte en arbeidsongeschiktheid onderwijs- en onderzoekspersoneel and the Decree concerning Unemployment of Teaching and Research Personnel Besluit Werkloosheid onderwijs- en onderzoekpersoneel.

Decree of 9 December amending some general measures of administration in connection with, inter alia, vwrvoer execution of the Agreement on Secondary Labour Conditions and the Agreement on Secondary Labour Conditions for the judicial sector.

Provides for an amendment of the State Decree containing general measures, of 11 April P. This act concerns the length of time in which political office-holders ministers, etc.

Decree of 10 December amending some general measures of administration in connection with, inter alia, the execution of the Agreement on Labour Conditions arbeidstijdenbssluit the Judicial Sector. Act of 24 December concerning Legal Employee Insurances for Civil Servants Wet vercoer onder de werknemersverzekeringen. Act concerning the extension of the application of legal employee insurances to civil servants.

Final and transitional provision. Decree of 27 October amending the General Regulation on Civil Servants and some other decisions, in connection with the regulation of departmental consulting with central bodies of the assemblies of civil servants.

Act of 5 July ameding decrees regarding education and research personnel to arbeidxtijdenbesluit a year-end bonus. Phase two consists of the application of the Sickness Funds Act to civil servants, and phase three does the same for civil servants who cannot work due to sickness or dismissal.


This provision is in line with the general restructuring of public services and administration. Provides for some corrective amendments of a technical character. The amendments are made to the Act on Basis Education “basisonderwijs” as provided for in Stb. National Decree containing general measures of 3 January executing section 6, subsection one, under b, of the Pension Act for Civil Servants P.

Act of 28 Januaryamending the provisions concerning pensions in the Benefits Act on the Allowance for Veterans with two to five years of duty Uitkeringswet tegemoetkoming twee tot vijfjarige diensttijd veteranen No. Regulates the compensation for costs incurred, as well as the right to an end-of-the-year bonus.

Regulates the right to a supplement to unemployment benefit and sickness benefit, the length and amount of these benefits, old age benefits, death allowance, disability, and regulations on the stimulation of reintegration.

Regulates the composition, responsibilities, budget, and supervision of the Council for the Jurisdiction. Decree of 17 November amending the Transport Working Hours Decree in connection with the addition of chapters concerning road transport, aviation, inland navigation, sea navigation, and pilots.

Act of 27 May amending the Act for the reserve personnel of the defence arbeeidstijdenbesluit Wet voor het reserve-personeel der krijgsmachtas well as the General Military Pensions Act Algemene militaire pensioenwet ,in connection with the transition towards forces solely existing of voluntary personnel. The present decree amends the following: This includes protection from dismissal in cases of medical problems. Regulates the adbeidstijdenbesluit of the legal civil servant in education to request to work more or less hours than required.