The Application Gallery features COMSOL Multiphysics® tutorial and demo app files pertinent to the electrical, structural, acoustics, fluid, heat, and chemical. Study the effect of thermal stress on resonant frequency. • Eigen Frequency Analysis with & without thermal stresses. • Change design to minimize the effect of.

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Thermal Initial Stresses in a Layered Plate. Thermal Initial Stresses in a Layered Tutorisl The thermal stress in a layered plate is studied in this example. The composite piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer has a cylindrical geometry that consists of a piezoceramic layer, two aluminum layers, and two adhesive layers.

MEMS Software – For Microelectromechanical Systems Simulation

The temperature within a displaced, Joule-heated thermal actuator is shown at the top while the visualization at the bottom shows the current density distribution.

Initial conditions and boundary conditions are to be set up within the interface.

Every business and every simulation need is different. Pull-in Voltage for a Biased Resonator-3D. For example, to model Joule heating in a structure with temperature-dependent elastic properties, simply enter in the elastic constants as tutoorial function of temperature — no scripting or coding is required. One method of creating spring-like structures or inducing curvature in thin structures is to plate them to substrates that are under the influence of residual stresses.

This tutorrial shows the bending of a cantilever beam under an applied electrostatic load.

The description of elastic materials in the module includes isotropic, orthotropic, and fully anisotropic materials. You can include a variety of damping phenomena in your model: For modeling piezoresistive sensors, the MEMS Module provides several dedicated physics interfaces for piezoresistivity in solids or shells. The model estimates how much current and increase in The MEMS Module provides a dedicated physics interface for electromechanics that, for MEMS resonators, is used to compute the variation of the resonant frequency with applied DC bias — the frequency decreases with applied potential, due to the softening of the coupled electromechanical system.


Benjeddou, it models a sandwich beam using the shear mode of the piezoelectric material to deflect the tip. The physics interfaces of the MEMS Module are uniquely suitable for simulating quartz oscillators as well as a range of comosl piezoelectric devices.

MEMS and Piezoelectric Device Models

That makes microscopic thermal actuators fast enough to be useful on the microscale, although thermal actuators are typically slower than capacitive or piezoelectric actuators. This model shows how to simulate the response of the pressure sensor to an applied pressure, and also how to analyze the effects of packing induced stresses on the sensor performance. The MEMS module has specialized thin film damping physics interfaces which solve the Reynolds equation to determine the fluid velocity and pressure and the forces on the adjacent surfaces.

A third layer, the Benjeddou, it models a sandwich beam using the shear mode of the The thermal stress in a layered plate is studied in this example.

Thermoelasticity The Thermoelasticity physics interface is used to model linear thermoelastic materials. It solves for the displacement of the structure and the temperature deviations, and resulting heat transfer induced by the thermoelastic coupling. It illustrates how fluid flow can deform solid structures and how to solve for the flow in a continuously deforming geometry. In addition, several sources of initial strains are allowed, making it possible to include arbitrary inelastic strain contributions stemming from multiple physical sources.

MEMS Module

One study investigates a doubly clamped beam where both ends are fixed, while the other study looks at a cantilever beam where only one end is fixed. Quartz frequency references can be considered the highest volume MEMS component currently in production — over 1 billion devices are manufactured per year. However, the advanced user can access and modify low-level solver settings as needed.


Composite Piezoelectric Transducer This example shows how to set up a piezoelectric transducer problem following the work of Y. You can use these examples as a starting point for your own simulation work by downloading the tutorial model or demo app file and its accompanying instructions.

This example shows how to set up a piezoelectric transducer problem following the work of Y. Thermal Initial Stresses in a Memw Plate The thermal stress in a layered plate is studied in this example.

One such device is the electrostatically controlled micromirror. Thin-film damping is available on arbitrary surfaces in 3D and can be directly coupled to 3D solids.

The measurement of S-parameter is commonly used to characterize such devices for RF applications. Disc Resonator Anchor Losses This model shows how to compute the anchor loss limited quality factor of a diamond disc resonator. Get a free 2-week trial by signing up for a workshop in a location near you. A perfectly matched layer is used to represent the essentially A plate consisting of two layers, a comskl and a substrate layer, is stress and strain free at degrees C.

SAWs are utilized in many kinds of vomsol components, including filters, oscillators, and sensors. The model performs a static analysis on a piezoelectric actuator based on the movement of a cantilever beam, using the Piezoelectric Devices predefined multiphysics interface.