Nicholas Denmon writes novels and poetry. An award winning novelist, he gives books away at big discounts and also gives free poems and freebooks away. Nicholas Denmon is a poet and fiction writer with a penchant for crime series with When he launched his first book, ‘For Nothing’ topped the Organized Crime. For Nothing by Nicholas Denmon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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In addition, I found the level of gore description distasteful.

Full of twists and turns the ending was both unexpected and surprising too. I for one cannot wait for that sequel! I absolutely cannot wait for the next book. This was mostly because I thought he was one of the most interesting characters not because I thought it added anything important to the overall story. I read this book on my computer. I have written more than poems which can be found on my Instagram as well as completed a novel. Dec 21, Yes, I nothjng a weird girl.


For the price of 99 cents, buying it was a no brainer. One of a cop out to get the killer of his friend by going back undercover and trying to keep his family together.

For Nothing : Nicholas Denmon :

Alex has given up his personal life as an undercover cop, and regrets it. He’s not scared of much even going as far as killing the mob boss’s son pg.

The title says it all. If you have followed me much you also know I have been in 2 films, having taken a leap into the world of acting – which came with about 6 semesters of training. But the way the assassin made clear his presence He is out to find the killer of his good friend Jack. Return to Book Page. May 13, Nicole Smith rated it it was amazing.

Jack’s killer, Rafeal Rontego, is the complete opposite of Alex. I felt the first chapter was well written and intriguing enough for me to turn to the next chapter.

Very good in fact.

The atmosphere, the conditions and surroundings and senses-Denmon’s descriptions are flawless. He always surprises me. So does that mean they get off free because the reasons they were doing them were notying the name of the law?


The plot itself moves ahead in spite of the characters, but reading through this is like running up the side of a mountain over a nothlng mile of scree. He nothnig did show the rough crime ridden underbelly of the city. As I continued to read, the story started to come alive. Hired assassin Rafael Rontego does his best to stay ahead of and out of the way of the war that is brewing within the mafia underbelly.

For Nothing

Published on September 11, View all 6 nichollas. It showed he cared for Sal after all. He envisions his ex-wife Charolette, she invites him back to her home and welcomes him open arms at times even begging him to stay. Nov 23, I don’t give 5 stars easily. And loved every desperate moment! This ain’t negotiation time.