GIGs (Groups Investigating God) are one of the most effective ways to share Jesus with your friends. Buy hard copies or download the PDF guide to become a . These are the friends to invite to a GIG. You could say something along these lines: “A lot of people have heard about Jesus, but very few have actually gotten to. InterVarsity Staff log in to see the full collection. A participants guide for part two of a two-week Beyond Colorblind GIG exploration of ethnicity and spirituality.

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According to Jewish law, lepers were unclean.

I-GIG Section A – How to Use This Guide | International Student Ministry

Underline information and talk about it. Moses was a leader of the Jewish Hebrew people. A man covered with leprosy heard about Jesus. Read it again, to yourself this time.

As intervarsihy result, Jesus could no longer enter a town openly but stayed outside in lonely places. Pay attention to the people, especially Jesus. If he helped you, how would you respond?

In what ways would the result be different if the man had obeyed Jesus? Sacrifices were also used in a ceremony after someone was healed of an infectious skin disease. They had no hope of going home because there was no cure.


Leprosy was an infectious skin disease, so the man could not go to Jesus in a intwrvarsity. Not all the questions need answers. Can you relate this situation to one today? On this day, Jesus and his friends were alone on a road outside of town. Scriptures Referenced Mark 1: Do you see yourself in any of these characters?

There were rules for becoming clean again, but lepers had no hope of this. Why do you think he asked it in this way? Have you ever had similar attitudes or experiences? Guive do they interact with each other? If you met Jesus, what problem would you ask him to help you with?

The Law provided forgiveness for sins through sacrifices.

What benefit would the priest receive from seeing the man healed? A priest killed an animal or a bird to take the place of the guilty person. Skip to main content. What lessons are there in this text for our lives?

Why do you think Jesus warned the man not to tell anyone? The leper saw his chance and came near. What could the priest do for the man? With one guuide, Jesus communicated His love and power to this man. Jesus sent the man to the priest. Yet the people still came to him from everywhere.


Original I-GIG Bible Study 1: Healed

Did anything surprise you as you read? Lepers had to live away from their families and communities so the infection would not spread. With one touch, Jesus gave him back his health, his self-respect, and his community.

Anyone they touched also became unclean. We all have difficult problems in our lives at times. What are they like? Jesus had been traveling all over the Galilee area, teaching and healing.

In an age of very limited medicine, his healing brought great hopeā€¦and great crowds. Take turns asking questions about the story. But go, show yourself to the priest and offer the sacrifices b that Moses commanded for your cleansing, as intwrvarsity testimony to them.